Urgent Mission

Most of us are stuck at home feeling somewhat powerless as we see the sickness, death and destruction being inflicted locally and around the world by COVID-19.  Many of us will know someone who has perished by the time this is over.  Scientists have the expertise that is needed to help, but they often can’t work remotely or go into the lab¹. The Immunity Initiative aims to empower scientists and researchers around the world — working remotely and together — to contribute to a solution.

Immunity Initiative Charter

To contribute to the global efforts to beat the pandemic, Noble is providing free access to its science and AI platform to COVID-19 researchers and researchers impacted by the virus.

Free access to advanced scientific AI systems built by Noble:
  • Researchers can get free access to advanced AI models for protein engineering, antibody expression and other applications, built by Noble, and use them for their research freely.
  • Researchers need no pre-existing AI expertise and access the systems on the Noble platform directly from their browser, from anywhere in the world.
  • Antibody and Immunotherapy AI systems and results are described here, as an example.
Free access to COVID-19- relevant models built by the AI community:
  • Noble is soliciting AI researchers around the world with COVID-19- relevant AI models to host these on the Noble platform, free of charge, and with researchers having free access.
  • Noble will cover all costs associated with hosting the models and making them available for researchers to use.
  • One of the goals of this is to create a centralized place for any COVID-19 researcher to freely access and use the best AI models built by any research group in the world.

Get Involved

For COVID-19 Researchers and Scientists Impacted by the Virus
Apply for free access to the Immunity Initiative.
For AI Research Organizations
Contribute your COVID-19 -relevant AI model for free use by the community.
For Sponsors
All sponsorship funds go towards providing free software to COVID-19 researchers and scientists impacted by the virus. Inquire about becoming a Founding Sponsor by contacting

Don’t see how you can help?

Spread the Immunity Initiative message with 2.3 people who you think could.