Noble Blueprint

The next big discovery might be hidden inside the data you already have.

Noble Blueprint Dashboard UI
The ultimate data wrangling tool across all complex R&D data sources, Blueprint® can help unlock the value trapped in data scattered across your enterprise.

And as the SaaS platform trusted by many of the world's best R&D organizations,
Blueprint can help you chart your own unique path to scaling R&D operations into the cloud.
Bring valuable R&D insights into focus by ingesting data from virtually any data format:
Tabular & Experimental
You may already have your data in a structured format, such as CSV, XLS and XLSX, or semi-structured formats common to fab equipment and experiments — Blueprint can seamlessly integrate with these data sources.
PDF & Raster
Whether it's text, images or tables, Blueprint is capable of extracting and structuring the information you need from PDF and rasterized data.
Blueprint can read and extract information from a large number of high-performance computing and simulation software packages, such as OpenFOAM and Elmer.
Parametric & Plain-Text
Critical R&D information such as design parameters are often stored in a variety of plain and rich text formats, from TXT to DOCX and more — Blueprint supports these out of the box.
XML & Markup
Many existing R&D platforms leverage a standardized structure for information transfer; Blueprint has been optimized to process XML documents and data.
Archived Data
Blueprint is designed to ingest thousands to millions of documents at a time and seamlessly supports processing data in ZIP, TAR, and other common archived data formats.
And more...
If you would like to explore customizing Blueprint to support a data format not yet listed here, or a custom data format, please reach out and we'd be happy to assist.
Customize Once, Scale Infinitely
Customize Blueprint one time per new document type, at a fixed time and cost, and it scales to process and extract data from any number of documents of that same type almost instantly.
Understand Data Health
Understand your data’s overall health with quantified certainty metrics that help keep decision-makers informed and also automatically identify anomalies, such as typos or potential miscalculations, in your source data.
Enterprise-Grade Search
Search across all structured and unstructured data to precisely find documents or specific content, giving an unprecedented bird’s eye view of your organization’s source material.
Accurately simulate device thermal performance
Time required to run a single simulation
30s - 2 m
30sec. - 2 min.
1d - 2w
1 day - 2 weeks
Software license cost
Built for CFD and non-CFD experts
Integrated multi-physics support
Built-in support for engineering and business requirements
Leverages experimental and measured data
Modern, intuitive user interface and agile workflow
Design optimization functionality
Applications in advanced chemistry:
  • Organic Compound Synthesis
  • Sustainable Polymer Development
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Physical Property Prediction
  • Precursor and Deposition Process Optimization
  • Optimized Mixture Homogenization
  • High-Speed 3D Thermal and Multiphase Flow Simulation
Applications in energy:
  • High-Speed Proppant Density Evolution Simulation
  • 3D Transient Thermal and Multiphase Flow Optimization
  • Proppant Cost Optimization
  • Desalination Process Optimization
  • Produced Water Reduction
  • High-Speed Well Completion Fluid Simulation
  • Reservoir Optimization
  • Yield vs. Fluid Mixture Optimization
  • Heat Transfer and Exchange Optimization
"Noble.AI has the potential to be a real game changer for 
Solvay in the way it enables us to utilize data from our 
150-year history with new AI tools, resulting in a unique lever 
to accelerate our innovation.”
Stéphane Roussel

Managing Director, Solvay Ventures