Terms of Service

You authorize Noble Artificial Intelligence, Inc. (“Noble.AI” or the “Company”) to host your AI model and/or dataset (the “Content”) on the Company’s servers for use at no cost by third parties who certify that they are using the Content for research relating to COVID-19 (“Users”). The Company will rely on the Users’ certifications without further investigation. The Company will not use the Content for any other purpose or change the Content in any manner except as necessary for normal maintenance procedures.

The Company may permit Users to download the results of their work conducted with use of the Content unless you have elected otherwise. The Company will not provide the Content to any third party except, and only to the extent, you have elected to permit Users to download the Content.

You authorize the Company to disclose, on its website and in other media, that you have made the Content available without charge for use in research relating to COVID-19.

The Company will require Users to agree to a disclaimer, “User acknowledges that Noble.AI and the contributor of the Content make no representation or warranty about the suitability or performance of the Content or otherwise.”

As part of making your Content usable by Users, the Company may display to Users a description screen containing your name, copyright notice and link to user notes or other information you may wish to make available.

You represent and warrant to the Company that (i) you have the legal right to provide the Content to the Company for use as described here, and (ii) use by the Company and Users as described here will not violate third party contract rights, copyrights or trade secret rights.

The Company may change these Terms of Service after giving you one week notice and an opportunity to opt out of making the Content available for use as described here.