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the 2023 ACI Convention

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January 30 - February 4, 2023
Grand Lakes Orlando
Orlando, FL
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How can cleaning products be developed more sustainably? That’s the question posed by this year’s annual meeting and convention for the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), and it’s one that Noble.AI will help answer

From Jan. 30 to February 4, Noble.AI will be a silver sponsor at the ACI Annual Meeting and Industry Convention in Orlando, Florida. ACI’s convention is the cleaning industry’s top conference and networking event.

We’re particularly proud to partner with ACI this year because of our mutual focus on sustainability. Noble.AI’s Neural Net platform can be used to analyze datasets of known chemical properties and predict the likelihood of ingredient compatibility and stability. This means Noble.AI can accelerate sustainable design using “green chemistry” in the formulation process.

The challenges faced by cleaning innovators

ACI brings together a variety of professionals who share many of the same challenges:concerns about chemical formulations, the supply chain, and increased pressure to bring new products to market more quickly

“The market is clamoring for new products and there’s business pressure on R&D to create these products faster, iterate on existing products, all while being sensitive to the changing economic climate,” says Ned Weintraub, senior vice president of global sales for Noble.AI.

Noble.AI’s solutions help scientists solve this problem by using artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the R&D process. We use AI coupled with physical and chemical constraints to tackle scientific problems. This allows us to address challenges with limited data sets. By combining AI and real-world constraints, Noble.AI’s solutions generate insights that cannot be produced by a purely data-driven AI approach. And these insights and solutions are revealed exponentially faster than traditional experiments or simulation methods.

How to find Noble.AI at ACI this year

There will be several opportunities to engage with Noble.AI at this year’s ACI conference.

This year, we are sponsoring several days of the ACI networking lounge, where attendees are welcome to sit, relax, and recharge their devices. We’ll be around if you’re interested in learning more about Noble.AI’s programs and services.

You’ll also have a chance to cheer on the Noble.AI duck in the 11th annual ACI Charity Duck Race, as the ducks race the Lazy River to benefit Clean the World. Lastly, join us at the Noble.AI-sponsored game found at the carnival-themed President’s Reception on Wednesday, February 1.

Interested in setting up a meeting with Noble.AI or grabbing a cup of coffee? Send us a message at

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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