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What is the NobleAI Reactor Platform?

A powerful software based platform, that when combined with NobleAI’s unique approach to Science-Based AI, delivers proven commercial solutions for chemicals & materials products.

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Multi Scale Physics

Account for real-world behavior from molecular properties to environmental effects and everything in between

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Explainable AI

Understand and have confidence in the AI's predictions through transparent explanations, metrics and visualizations

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Constrained Optimization icon

Constrained Optimization

Generate results that are physically possible and fit your design constraints

Inverse Design icon

Inverse Design

Automatically search the design space to achieve your desired outcomes

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Science-Infused ML Models

Build AI models that understand the scientific laws and principles inherent in your design

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Cloud Integration
SaaS/Multi Cloud
Sinle/Multi Tenant
Data Ingestion & Management
On-Demand Computing
User Workflow

Secure Data Pipeline
Single Sign-On Integration
Data at Rest Encryption
Multi Factor Authentication
Access Controls

Customer Experiences

Outpace Competitors

One company was facing stiff competition when a rival introduced a new product directly targeting one of their key business areas. To respond quickly, the company turned to the NobleAI Reactor Platform to identify a preferable alternative. Within a couple of months, the Platform had helped the company identify their target formulation and bring their new product to market, outpacing their competitors and securing their position in the market.

Streamline Sustainability

Reformulating a product to meet new sustainability standards often involves a significant investment of time and money. The NobleAI Reactor Platform can streamline this process by quickly analyzing existing ingredients and identifying potential replacements. Then, rapidly test different combinations of ingredients to identify a sustainable alternative that maintains the same performance as the original product.

Build Resilient, Agile Supply Chains

For any business, having a resilient and agile supply chain is crucial to staying competitive and ensuring business continuity. One manufacturer turned to NobleAI to help them qualify raw materials and new suppliers. Within a couple of months, the NobleAI team trained a Science-Infused Machine Learning Model (SIML)  to identify the key characteristics of high-quality raw materials and to flag any potential issues with new suppliers.

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