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Market leadership is at stake.

By embracing next-generation AI technologies, early adopters will benefit disproportionately.

We build AI software that helps the world's most important R&D teams accelerate their process of innovation, enabling them to bring better products to market at a 10X lower cost.

Noble Reactor
Noble Reactor Dashboard UI
Bring new products to market faster using Noble Reactor® — the world's first SaaS platform purpose-built for science.

By incorporating the science relevant to your projects into AI models, Reactor will automatically filter out irrelevant and nonphysical results, helping to massively accelerate your teams' R&D process.
Applications in advanced chemistry:
  • Organic Compound Synthesis
  • Sustainable Polymer Development
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Physical Property Prediction
  • Precursor and Deposition Process Optimization
  • Optimized Mixture Homogenization
  • High-Speed 3D Thermal and Multiphase Flow Simulation
Applications in energy:
  • High-Speed Proppant Density Evolution Simulation
  • 3D Transient Thermal and Multiphase Flow Optimization
  • Proppant Cost Optimization
  • Desalination Process Optimization
  • Produced Water Reduction
  • High-Speed Well Completion Fluid Simulation
  • Reservoir Optimization
  • Yield vs. Fluid Mixture Optimization
  • Heat Transfer and Exchange Optimization

Press & Publications

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NobleAI Secures Over $17 Million in Series A Funding to Expand its Science-Based Artificial Intelligence Platform

NobleAI Secures Series A Funding led by Microsoft's Venture Capital Fund, Chevron Technology Ventures, General Purpose VC, Alumni Ventures and other investors.
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How Can AI Optimize and Accelerate Chemical Formulation?

Faced with challenges like building sustainable products and replacing key ingredients in existing formulas due to supply issues, material science companies can turn to AI. AI and machine learning can help speed experimental design and narrow down possible combinations of ingredients so that scientists can begin experimenting right away.
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3 Lessons Learned at The American Cleaning Institute's (ACI’s) 2023 Convention

NobleAI recently had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring the American Cleaning Institute’s (ACI) annual event in Orlando, Florida. Take a look at some key insights we learned.
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