Transform Product Development Through 
Science-Based AI

NobleAI enables companies to accelerate the development of better performing, more environmentally sustainable and reliably sourced chemical & material products.


The Data Dilemma: Dispelling Misconceptions
That Hinder AI & ML Adoption

Creating a New Paradigm in Chemical and Material Product Development

At NobleAI, we believe that materials science and chemistry are key to building a sustainable world and that AI is essential to unlock this potential.

NobleAI uses our innovative and unique Science-Based AI technology to transform current materials development strategies. We deliver actionable insights and reliable predictions to accelerate development and reduce costs of developing new chemicals, materials, and formulations.

AI That Stands Out

NobleAI’s Science-Based AI is a powerful fusion of novel artificial intelligence techniques and all available scientific knowledge, optimized for product development.

This combination of data driven insights and scientific guided design delivers much higher levels of accuracy with far less data and training time. This delivers deeper insights while exhibiting greater transparency, interpretability, and scientific fidelity.

Classical Machine Learning

Require enormous amounts of data

Poor/missing data leads to poor/biased outcomes

Error prone and not OK for science

Large models are too general to win on specific tasks

NobleAI's Approach:
"Science-Based" AI

Delivers accurate predictions and insights

Directly generates designs

Scales from molecules to materials to formulations to complete systems

Works for any material

Traditional Simulation

Relies on mathematical solvers and humans

Real world problems involve multiple scales & physical laws

Solver time/cost increase dramatically with system complexity

Each cycle is slow and costly

An immersive network receeeds into a white background

Secure and Scaleable Platform

The NobleAI Reactor Platform is cloud-native software that allows users to interact with NobleAI's Science-Based AI technology. It empowers teams to experiment with Science-Infused ML models customized for their use cases and securely trained using their own data. Our powerful platform facilitates essentially unlimited virtual experiments experimentation, providing valuable insights and expediting product development and time to market.

NobleAI Reactor UI Mockup

Proven Solutions Accelerate Your Product Development

When you work with NobleAI, you get powerful Science-Based AI commercial solutions that are ready for commercial deployment. You also get and access to a NobleAI’s skilled team of scientists and AI experts who can help accelerate your development ready to assist with solving complex materials challenges at scale. By working with the NobleAI your teams can:

  • Rapidly improve understanding through explainable insights

  • Discover & validate alternative materials, ingredients and chemical components

  • Quickly generate optimal design parameters


Battery development and performance evaluations is time-consuming and resource intensive. We help optimize electrolyte formulations, predict the end of useful EV battery life from limited test data, and address other important battery development challenges faster and cheaper than with traditional simulation research or computational methods.


Companies are under pressure to design and redesign products with better performing and more sustainable chemical formulations. With NobleAI, our customers quickly discover new compounds, make sustainable substitutions, and replace compounds with more reliably sourced ingredients.


Today, the energy industry uses legacy simulation tools to solve multi-scale, multi-physics and high dimensionality problems. NobleAI energy solutions run hundreds of time faster and generate meaningful insights to help scientists and engineers make better informed real-time decisions faster.

4,000,000 simulations to date, 24x faster than incumbent solution.

NobleAI Solution for Major Oil & Gas Company

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