AI purpose-built for

AI purpose-built for
semiconductor equipment.
AI purpose-built for
advanced chemistry.
AI purpose-built for
AI purpose-built for
advanced materials.
AI purpose-built for
AI purpose-built for
AI purpose-built for
electronics systems.
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Market leadership is at stake.

By embracing next-generation AI technologies, early adopters will benefit disproportionately.

We build AI software that helps the world's most important R&D teams accelerate their process of innovation, enabling them to bring better products to market at a 10X lower cost.
Noble Blueprint
Noble Blueprint Dashboard UI
The ultimate data wrangling tool across all complex R&D data sources. Noble Blueprint™ indexes, structures, and operationalizes legacy as well as new data.
The leading SaaS Platform trusted by many of the world's best R&D organizations, Blueprint can help you chart your own unique path to scaling R&D operations into the cloud.
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Noble Reactor
Noble Reactor Dashboard UI
Bring new products to market faster using Noble Reactor™ — the world's first SaaS platform purpose-built for science.

By incorporating the science relevant to your projects into AI models, Reactor will automatically filter out irrelevant and nonphysical results, helping to massively accelerate your teams' R&D process.
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Applications in advanced chemistry:
  • Organic Compound Synthesis
  • Sustainable Polymer Development
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Physical Property Prediction
  • Precursor and Deposition Process Optimization
  • Optimized Mixture Homogenization
  • High-Speed 3D Thermal and Multiphase Flow Simulation
Applications in energy:
  • High-Speed Proppant Density Evolution Simulation
  • 3D Transient Thermal and Multiphase Flow Optimization
  • Proppant Cost Optimization
  • Desalination Process Optimization
  • Produced Water Reduction
  • High-Speed Well Completion Fluid Simulation
  • Reservoir Optimization
  • Yield vs. Fluid Mixture Optimization
  • Heat Transfer and Exchange Optimization
Applications in semiconductor:
  • High-Speed 3D Multi-Physics Simulation
  • Dynamic and Static Power Prediction
  • Reliability and Thermal Optimization
  • High-Speed 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulation
  • Side-Channel Attack Mitigation
  • OPC
  • Yield Enhancement
Applications in advanced materials:
  • High-Speed Optics Design and Tolerancing
  • Aluminum Alloy Design
  • Shear and Bulk Property Optimization
  • PCM Crystallization Optimization (Time and Temperature)
  • PCM Cycle Durability Optimization
  • High-Speed 3D Structural/FEA Simulation
Applications in semiconductor equipment:
  • Plasma Processing Optimization
  • Etch and Deposition Optimization
  • High-Speed Machine Tolerancing
  • Wafer Mapping
  • Yield Enhancement
  • High-Speed 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulation
  • High-Speed 3D Structural/FEA Simulation
  • High-Speed Thermo-Mechanical Stress Analysis
  • PCM Crystallization Optimization (Time and Temperature)
Applications in aerospace:
  • Aerodynamics Optimization
  • Orbital Trajectory Optimization
  • High-Speed 3D Structural/FEA Simulation
  • Propulsion Optimization
  • High-Speed 3D Thermodynamics, Fluid and Heat Transfer Simulation
Applications in electronics systems:
  • High-Speed 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulation
  • 2D and 3D Parasitics Analysis
  • High-Speed Machine Tolerancing
  • High-Speed 3D Structural/FEA Simulation
  • High-Speed Thermo-Mechanical Stress Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation
Not seeing the vertical or application that's relevant to you? We're committed to solving difficult and impactful R&D problems. Reach out to inquire about a custom solution.
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January 15, 2020

Noble.AI Signals Strong Growth Through Creation of Commercial Advisory Board

Announcing the creation of a Commercial Advisory Board staffed with experts in research and development (R&D), industry, and finance. Noble's Commercial Advisory Board has added C. Scott Gibson, Keith Larson, and Wally Rhines. Their decades-long expertise provides the company with greater insight into the needs of its customers and strategic market segments.

December 4, 2019

NobleTalks: Applications of Science-Based AI in Geophysics - Dec. 11th

On Wednesday Dec. 11th, AI and Geophysics experts will come together at Noble.AI’s headquarters in San Francisco for a Panel Discussion exploring the potential and emerging impacts of AI on scientific discovery.

August 27, 2019

Noble.AI Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Noble.AI has joined the NVIDIA Inception program, which is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

July 25, 2019

Art Is At The Core Of Entrepreneurship, Ignore It At Your Peril

An insightful interview in with our CEO, Dr. Matthew C. Levy, about the important roles of art and design in entrepreneurship.

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